always hi.

welcome back, me, not you, to the blogosphere.  it is close to midnight and all my creative juices will soon be wasted in sleep… [my dreams are not very interesting.  i’d remember them more if they were, right?]… so i wanted to crank out an answer to the question that you’re probably going to ask me:
why am i coming back?
1) cause i’m an attention whore: it’s true.
2) cause i need to breathe: not writing suffocates my soul.
3) cause i have something to say: this blog is about the awkward decade called the thirties – the crossroads into adulthood where “when i grow up” is no longer a hypothetical.  it’s a period when all my hard work and studying is coming into fruition professionally and personally (supposedly) and when, with 29 years under my belt, i’m now more self-aware and self-assured (supposedly).  i’m old enough to share some of my sacred wisdom and young enough to share my new knowledge.
“recounted” chronicles my everyday.  “plagiarized” includes links to articles, images, videos, sites, etc. that you must see.  “expressed” includes updates on upcoming performances and the occasional story, poem, song and other bits of creative writing that i’m ready to share.  “cooked” features recipes that didn’t kill me and ones i’m hoping to test out.  and “captured” are photos or sketches that speak for themselves.  i will probably add new categories as this blog develops.
but now i’m going to bed because i’ve been sick for the last four days with a cold and i just popped some echinacea and a tylenol cold night pill (along with minocycline for my zits and gingko for my memory) and i’m suddenly so very sleepy…