Love in Tough Times

I don’t think I’m fully processing all the loss that’s happening around us. Every day brings more bad news and I worry a lot about what’s to come. To what extent will we feel the repercussions even when we flatten the curve or find a vaccine?

In times like these I turn to gratitude to quiet my monkey brain.
I am grateful that my loved ones and I are healthy and safe.
I’m grateful to have shelter and enough food to eat.
I’m grateful for my assortment of pajamas that I do not get out of unless I have to.
I’m grateful that online conferencing is allowing me to connect with friends and family more frequently than even before the pandemic!

I’m grateful for the arts. When we’re quarantined at home, what are we turning to for respite, escape, education, entertainment, and hope? THE ARTS! Music, movies, TV and streaming shows, audio plays and podcasts, and yes even those TikTok videos. The arts help us dream bigger, start conversations, engage with the world and people around us. 

My friend MH challenged me to write a quarantine love song recently. I haven’t written a song in almost a decade, but hey — not like I had anything else to do. Being the sarcastic Gen-X/Millenial that I am, I immediately wanted to parody VERSACE ON THE FLOOR,  BUT the more mature, slightly less sarcastic Gen-X/Millenial that I am striving to be wanted to write something for my friends and fam whom I cannot wait to hug when quarantine is over.

So y’all out there: I’m grateful for you.

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