Nine Truths, One Lie:
– My name is Willbur.
– I was raised in Da Bronx.
– My goal is to visit Central and South America in the next few years.
– I am the youngest of ten sons, but the Guinness Book of World Records didn’t care.
– My name is “dragon” in Chinese.
– I usually have a shake, eggs, coffee, and some type of carb for breakfast.
– I sing a mean Mariah Carey.
– I love voting.
– I will not sleep at night if there is evidence of a mosquito in the room.
– I’m usually craving something deep-fried.

Download my full actor’s resume and headshot here: Will Dao Headshot and Resume

Represented By:


Ashley Wible, Jodie Bowman, Sam Sherry, Mark Measures
Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates
(818) 769-9111 |



Katie Cronin and Cal Grant
JE Talent
(415) 395-9475 |

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